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We would like to thank you for your feedback,
here are some of your comments.

Organic Botanics produce the best moisturisers I have ever used,
its absolutely true!    Megan H.  Sussex

Your products are absolutely marvellous, I have tried many over the years, but they
just don’t seem good enough. Yours are definitely the best.   Christine B.   Devon.

I have sensitive skin and have been using your moisturiser for years without any problems. I am mad about it, its absolutely wonderful.    Mrs S.B.  Lockerbie.

I have told friends about your products, which I love.
Also told Allergy Magazine.   D.F.   Guildford.

My skin was constantly sore with dehydration. Your Extra Rich Moisturiser is fantastic.
My skin is now soft and no longer sore. Many thanks.   Colin C.  St. Albans.

I have used Pink Lotus and Jasmine Elixir for a while and have found it
extremely beneficial to my skin – softening lines.   Susan P.  Hants.

Very good indeed - Keep up the good work!    Dr. Helen S-C.  Cardiff.

The Extra Rich Moisturiser has markedly improved my skin texture. 
Mrs M.W.B.   Inverness.

They're fabulous! Within 3-4 days of using them my skin was revolutionised!  
Juanita R.   Hove.

It was good to try samples before I ordered your products. Thank you.   Y.H.   Hants.

Samples were fabulous - I even think I can see a difference in skin tone already. 
 Lottie S.  Bristol.

Your products are just beautiful, I couldn't be more pleased.   Mrs L.M.T.  Axminster.

I have never been anything but totally satisified with any product I have used.
A pleasure always.   S.G.  Inverness.

They are excellent , and such good value.   A. W.  Dorset.

The best facial moisturiser and the only one I have ever used since first trying it, and you can quote me on that.    Debbie H.  Bexhill-on-Sea.

I have been using your products for several years now and wouldn’t use anything else.    Mrs. V.G.  West Malvern.

I think the Extra Rich Cream is the best I’ve ever used – excellent!   Margaret K.  Totnes.

I love this elixir – never see anything like it anywhere else.   Sally J.  Totnes.

Cleanser is superb - superior to any others I've tried.   Bernard K.  Crossmaglen.

My daughter and I both love your cleanser – the best I have ever used!  
Marian W.  Caterham.

Thank you for the samples which helped enormously.   Sue S.  Herts.

Your products are light and lovely and go much further than my normal ones. Only wish I had changed years ago!    M.W.  Surrey

Moisturising Nutritive is lovely! Can't wait to try more.
Really absorbent and nice under make-up.   Veronica P.  Exeter.

Many thanks for your products, they are wonderful!    John O.  Brentwood.

I am a huge fan of  your glorious products.    Glen E.  Swindon.

Wonderful! The best  I’ve ever used.    Mrs. C.E.  Yeovil.

Excellent  products. I am always confident to re-order and recommend.   H.T.  London.

Your products are wonderful, the best I’ve used.
It’s so good that a company such as yours exists.   Ann W.   Wimbourne.

Excellent, my skin really appreciates them.   Mrs. N.M.J.  Devon.

I think they are superb!    Carol C.  East Horsley.

I am thrilled with your products.    Julie K.   London.

Excellent products. Will pass on the good news to friends & relatives.   Julia W .  Leeds.

I found the free sample you sent me excellent to use - very soothing.
A little goes a long way.   Mrs.T.B.E.  Surrey.

Your products are wonderful, the best I've used.
It's so good that such a company as yours exists.    Ann W.   Wimborne.

I have only tried the Moisturising Nutritive to date - I am delighted with it.  
Mrs K.E.   Welwyn Garden City.

I absolutely adore them and am delighted to find a Body Moisturiser
now in your product range.    L.B.  Swansea.

Excellent - my skin really appreciates them.   Mrs N.M.J.  Devon.

Your products are excellent and all work very well together .    Valerie H.   Exmouth.

Lovely - so glad your range has now expanded.    D.M.  Rye.

Your Extra Rich Moisturiser is excellent.    Mr S.P.  Birmingham.

I have been using your products for several years now and
wouldn't use anything else.    Mrs V G   West Malvern.

The Best.    Alison S.   Exmouth.

They’re great.    Janet R.   New Zealand.

I think your products are wonderful,
I have recommended them to lots of my friends.  Sarah H.   Beds.

Your products are truly excellent.   Christine B.   Newton Abbot.

I love these products!   Julie K.   London.

I love using your Facial Elixir Oil.   Haley P.   York.

Excellent products   Carole T.   Powys.

I did introduce you products to a friend. They are excellent, the best and most reasonably priced that I know of. And your occasional money off vouchers are most welcome. Also the free P&P.   A.W.  Dorset.

I love your products and I look forward to new additions in the future! 
 Saskia R.   Stirlingshire.

I have tried the rest. I stay with the best Organic Botanics.   Alison S.   Exmouth.

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