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nutrient rich ingredients

ALMOND OIL (certified organic)
This nourishing & soothing oil has been revered for centuries for its beautifying & skin-softening properties. The gentle, cool-pressing extraction preserves the oils highly beneficial natural vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, F, & pro-vitamin A. This light, easily absorbed oil is greatly beneficial to most skin types, particularly dry, easily irritated skin. Organic Sweet Almond Oil is used in our Moisturisers, Cleansing Milk & Face Mask.
organic ingredients
ALOE-VERA (certified organic)
Has been revered as a healing aid & beauty treatment for centuries. Cool-pressed from the fresh leaves to preserve its natural properties, it is rich in beneficial enzymes, amino-acids, minerals, pro-vitamin A, & vitamins B1, B6, B12, C & E. Aloe-Vera can penetrate the water-retaining layer of the skin where it moisturises & softens dry, damaged skin. It is also rich in highly moisture-retentive gel-like proteins, a natural component of the skin, where they promote cell growth & provide structural support for collagen & elastin. These proteins decrease in the skin with age. Organic Aloe-Vera is used in our Moisturisers, Cleansing Milk & Face Mask.
organic ingredients
APRICOT-KERNEL OIL (certified organic)
A fine, light, easily-absorbed oil which has been used for centuries to help counteract premature ageing, soften & soothe delicate, sensitive skin whilst helping maintain it’s natural beauty, health & vitality. The gentle, cool-pressing extraction preserves the oils natural vitamins B1, B2, B6 & pro-vitamin A. Organic Apricot-Kernel Oil is used in our Moisturisers.
organic ingredients
ARNICA  FLOWERS  (certified organic)
Traditionally used for the prevention and fast relief of  bruising, swelling and contusions of the soft tissues. Not to be used on broken skin.
organic ingredients
BEESWAX (certified organic)
Is used in our First Aid Balm, Vapour Rub, Arnica Ointment & Lip Balm. It is obtained from honeycombs where bees store their pollen & is farmed in sustainable hives. Beeswax acts as a natural emulsifier whilst its soothing properties help to relieve & protect chapped & sore skin without inhibiting the skin's natural breathing process.
organic ingredients
A valuable oil famed for its healing and tissue regenerating properties. Excellent in the treatment of damaged skin such as eczema, scars, chapped and cracked skin, sunburn and sores where the skin is red and irritated.
organic ingredients
CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL (certified organic)
Is obtained by steam distillation from organically-grown fresh flowers, this non-irritant oil is long renowned for soothing & calming irritated skin, rashes & dryness &  helping reduce inflammation caused by sunburn, eczema & skin allergies.
organic ingredients
COMFREY ROOT AND LEAF (certified organic)
Long renowned for its soothing and healing properties, comfrey is traditionally used as a skin cell rejuvenator.
organic ingredients
DAMASK ROSE-WATER  (certified organic)
Obtained by steam- distillation from the fresh petals of the organically-grown & heavily fragrant Damask Rose. Refreshing & soothing. Helps calm reddened & irritated skin. Also beneficial to mature or damaged skin. Organic Damask Rose-Water is used in our Moisturisers, Cleansing Milk & Toning Lotion.
organic ingredients
EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL (certified organic)
Is a valuable aid in the treatment of infections of the respiratory tract such as colds, flu, sinusitis and. It also hasproperties which help relieve overproduction of mucus.
organic ingredients
Is usedin our Moisturisers & Cleansing Milk. It is obtained by steam distillation from the freshly flowering tips & leaves of organically-grown French lavender, Lavandula Augustifolia. This beautifully fragrant, non-irritant oil is long renowned for combating wrinkles & beautifying the skin where its regenerative action encourages a more youthful cell renewal. Beneficial to problem skin.
organic ingredients
FRUIT ACID (citric acid)
Derived from citrus fruits by fermentation offruit sugars. Used as a preservative and to adjust the pH (acid-alkali balance) of products toof your skin. Citric acidhas antioxidant,and astringent properties.
organic ingredients
Is used in our First Aid Balm. The flowers are macerated in Certified Organic Sunflower Oil. Hypericum Flowers have pain relieving, antiseptic & healing properties, & also help to soothe & heal damaged skin, burns & minor wounds.
organic ingredients
Is derived fromfragrant flowers,has been used in skin care products for thousands of years. It is suitable for all types of skin, being particularly beneficial to dry, sensitive andskin.toning and antiseptic properties of Jasmine Oil also have a soothing effect on skin infections.
organic ingredients
JOJOBA (certified organic)
Is cool-pressed from the seeds of the jojoba bush organically-grown in desert conditions, & has been used for centuries as a powerful skin moisturiser by Sonoran Indians to combat the dry & scorching desert climate. Organic cool-pressed jojoba is a source of natural vitamin E & is rich in nourishing proteins. It imparts a lasting velvety softness to the skin, increases firmness & elasticity & significantly reduces superficial facial lines. It also creates a micro-fine, non-greasy, breathable barrier on the skin which reduces excess moisture loss. Certified Organic Jojoba is used in our Moisturisers.
organic ingredients
ORANGE-FLOWER WATER/NEROLI (certified organic)
Is used in our Toning Lotion. It is obtained by steam distillation from the fragrant flowers of the organically-grown Bitter Orange tree. Mildly anti-bacterial, refreshing & soothing. Long renowned its revitalising & toning action on sensitive, dry or mature skin.
organic ingredients
PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL (certified organic)
Is a valuable expectorantthe treatment of spasmodic coughs,and sinusitis. It's antiseptic and antiviral properties also make it a usefulfor treating chapped lips.
organic ingredients

Has a regenerative and protective action on the skin. It is also an excellent antioxidantthe skin from ageing UV rays.


organic ingredients
It is obtained by steam distillation from the organically-grown fresh leaves & flowers. This non toxic & non irritant oil is long renowned for clearing the complexion & beautifying the skin. It is especially beneficial for mature or damaged skin & for treating problem skin.
organic ingredients
ROSEHIP OIL (certified organic)
Is pressed from the hips of wild/organic roses. It contains an amazing 77% of linoleic and linolenic fatty acids which have important functions in the regeneration of skin cells and repair of damaged tissues. It has also been shown to retard the signs of premature ageing and provides excellent results in the treatment of burns and. It also helps counteract the drying effects of the sun and central heating. Rosehips are one of the richest sources ofC and according to research published in the Herb Encyclopedia"has 60 times more-C than citrus fruit".
Rosehip Oil is an excellent beautifying moisturiser and replenisher of dry, damaged skin.
organic ingredients
ROSEMARY EXTRACT (certified organic)
Is used in our First Aid Balm. It is obtained from the leaves of the rosemary bush. It is a gentle, natural preservative.
organic ingredients
A valuable oil with soothing, antiseptic and healing properties. May be usedhelp healskin, burns, wounds, sunburnulcers.
organic ingredients
special high oleic (certified organic)
This fine, light oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of organically-grown sunflowers to preserve its rich supply of beneficial vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, Niacin & nourishing proteins. It has been valued for over 3,000 years for cleaning, nourishing & softening the skin. Organic Sunflower Oil is used in our Cleansing Milk, Face Mask & First Aid Balm.
organic ingredients
TEA-TREE ESSENTIAL OIL (certified organic)
Is obtained by steam distillation from the leaves of the Tea-tree bush, Tee-tree Oil is long famed for its germicidal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties.
organic ingredients
UV FILTER (natural)
In our  Moisturising Nutritives. It is extracted from rice-bran oil. This gentle, natural UV filter protects the skin from sun-induced premature ageing & wrinkling without the adverse effects of chemical UV filters. It is also an effective antioxidant, further protecting the skin from ageing free-radical call damage.
organic ingredients
VITAMIN E (natural)
In our Moisturisers & Cleansing Milk. It is derived from non GMO  soya oil & is one of the most vital anti-ageing, antioxidant elements known today. It is three times more effective than synthetic vitamin E derived from petro-chemicals. Independent tests have proved that daily use of an effective antioxidant cream reduces lines & wrinkles, repairs existing cell damage caused by UV rays & helps prevent future damage by neutralising destructive free-radicals present in your skin before they can do harm.
organic ingredients

Soil Association Approved
Food Grade - Nature Identical
No Formaldehyde Releasers

The following are the components of our gentle, synergistic preservative system: they are widely found throughout plant and animal life where they protect delicate living organisms from microbial attacks.
Benzyl Alcohol – Protects from attacks of bacteria and moulds: naturally present in Jasmine, Hyacinth, the Gum Benzoin tree (which give it its name)other plants.
Phenoxyethanol – Protects from attacks of bacteria and moulds: naturally present in Pomegranates, Green Tea and Royal Jelly.
Potassium Sorbate - Protects from attacks of yeasts and moulds: naturally present in Rowan Berries (Sorbus Berries, which give it its name) and other plants.
Tocopherol (Natural Plant-Source Vitamin E) - Protects oils in the products rancidity.


Our creamy products are stabilised with palm derived emulsifiers and sorbitol, found in cherries & plums. All our products are protected from microbial infections with naturally-occurring, paraben-free preservatives (approved by the soil association) which are widely found throughout plant & animal life where they protect delicate living organisms from attacks of bacteria & moulds. An antioxidant derived from gallic-acid, found in many plants including gall-nuts (which gives it its name) & natural vitamin E, protect the creamy products from rancidity. A little fruit acid balances the pH (acidity level) of our products to the natural level of your skin.


These are both derived from coconut oil. They are not related to intoxicating SD alcohol or ethyl alcohols which are obtained by the distillation and fermentation of grains, fruits etc.


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